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If you are planning a renovation or need to clear out some space in your home or office, you will likely find that renting a dumpster from Dumpsters for Cheap can drastically simplify the process. Our company stocks a massive selection of dumpsters to choose from and we guarantee to have the perfect model for your project in stock and ready to deliver to your home or business. Additionally, we have a low-price guarantee so you will have more money to spend on the upgrades to your home or business. Call us at 888-289-6827 today if you have any questions regarding dumpster rental or if you want to learn about the items we can help you dispose of.


Types of Dumpsters We Offer

At Dumpsters for Cheap, we offer four sizes of dumpsters, which include our 10, 20, 30 and 40-cubic yard models. The 10-cubic yard dumpster is the optimal solution for when you need to clean out or remodel one room. The 20 and 30-cubic yard dumpsters are best for remodeling multiple rooms in your home or office. Our 40-cubic yard model is typically used by commercial clients when they are constructing a new home or office.


Hands-Free Dumpster Rentals

We work to make the dumpster rental process hands-free as we realize you already have your hands full with lining up all of the details for your upcoming project. When you choose to do business with our dumpster rental company, we will deliver the dumpster to your home or business at a time that works well with your busy schedule. Upon arriving at your site, we will unload the dumpster and place it in a spot that is the most convenient for you provided it is not going to cause damage to your property. Our staff will also return to pick up your dumpster rental and haul its contents to a local recycling plant or landfill.

When you choose to rent a dumpster from Dumpsters for Cheap for your upcoming remodeling or cleanup project, you are making a wise investment. Our affordable prices and quick service will save you a lot of time and hassle, which means that you will be able to continue focusing on completing your project. To top it all off, we offer the largest selection of dumpster rentals so you will not be wasting any time trying to find one that works for you. Be sure to call us at 888-289-6827 to learn how we can save you time and money on your dumpster rental.

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Renting a dumpster can speed up your cleanup or remodeling project but it is important to ensure you are renting from a reputable company, such as Dumpsters for Cheap. At Dumpsters for Cheap, we have a dumpster that will work great for your project thanks to our variety of 10, 20, 30 and 40-cubic yard models. We also place a major emphasis on offering the most competitive pricing and the highest standard of service as we like it when customers return to us with their dumpster rental needs and send us referral business. If you would like us to assist with your dumpster rental needs or to receive a tailored quote, call us at 888-289-6827 today.

Why Rent from Us?

There are many dumpster rental companies to choose from so if you are like most people, you are probably wondering why you should choose to rent from us and the answer is quite simple. First of all, we offer a larger selection of dumpster rentals to choose from than most companies, which means that you will not have to settle on a dumpster that is bigger, and more expensive, than you really need. Secondly, we provide all customers with a free consultation to gain a better understanding of what size of dumpster will work best for you. Last but not least, we treat all of our customers with respect by being straightforward with our prices and making the rental process easy.

Items We Cannot Dispose of

At Dumpsters for Cheap, we can dispose of numerous items for you as long as federal guidelines do not prevent us from doing so. Some of the most common items we are not legally allowed to dispose of include asbestos, batteries, brakes and items that could present a fire hazard or harm the environment.

By renting a dumpster from Dumpsters for Cheap, you will find that the rental process is very simple. We will always ensure that you know exactly what you are receiving for your investment and that you are choosing the best dumpster for your upcoming renovation or cleanup project. Of course, we also do our homework to ensure we are offering economical prices as this helps us to generate a lot of repeat and referral business. To receive a dumpster rental quote or to schedule the delivery of your dumpster rental, give our staff a call at 888-289-6827 at this time.

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